Manufacturing technology of ultra-precision engine parts for aerospace & defense sectors

Management Philosophy

글로벌 최고수준의 기술력으로 새로움에 도전하는 기업

  • 01Spirit of TCT People
  • We value customers and challenge
    the world with creative thinking.

  • We pursue the labor-management value and
    create the future with human trust.

  • 02Management Philosophy and Core Value

The company that aims the world's best of 21st century
in ultra-precision machinery industry

The company that contributes to prosperous life of mankind and
society by developing new technologies.

  • Human respect, honor and dignity

    TCT people respect dignity and values of human and pursue happiness through the display of capability at work.

  • Techno-centeredness and self-development

    Strive to develop technology to adapt to the rapidly changing global business environment and to have world-class competitiveness

  • Autonomy, challenge and creativity

    Respect individual autonomy, creativity and challenge spirit

  • 03Ethical management

practices active Ethical management to establish an honest and upright corporate culture.

  • 01
    Transparent accounting policy through the introduction of electronic accounting system

  • 02
    Increased labor-management reliability through benefit sharing

  • 03
    Establishment of a culture of ethical management by practicing the code of ethics by employees

  • 04Code of Ethics

We declare that we value social responsibility of the company,
act in accordance with fair criteria in our business activities to obtain trust and value of our customers,
and do not accept any consequences that deviate from these standards.

The high level of ethics that we adhere to is naturally achieved through a healthy corporate culture built through the voluntary participation of each employee, rather than stipulated regulations, and inherited as a beautiful tradition.

ONE. We perform our duties honestly and fairly based on high sense of ethics, and bright & beautiful mind.

ONE. We always put the precious value of our customers in top priority with our best products and services.

ONE. We strive for the mutual development of the transactions with our partners, and manage them transparently and fairly.

ONE. We comply with various laws and regulations of the country and local communities, and contribute to the development of local communities through voluntary social service. 

ONE. We take pride as experts and become the best experts through constant self-development efforts..

ONE. We keep honor and dignity, do not engage in any misconduct, and prioritize Company's interests when performing business.