Manufacturing technology of ultra-precision engine parts for aerospace & defense sectors

Aerospace Business

글로벌 최고수준의 기술력으로 새로움에 도전하는 기업

TCT is supplying aircraft parts to the world's top three aircraft engine manufacturers through Hanwha Aerospace and participating in Korean space launch project Nuri, scheduled to be launched in 2022. Also, we are Korea's leading aerospace industry part specialized company recognized for global competitiveness, processing and supplying airframe parts to KAI.


  • Differentiated ultra-precision machining technology using 5-axis equipment

  • Precision and high-difficulty NC programming technology

  • Possess know-how for processing difficult to cut materials such as titanium and Inconel


  • Aviation
    Aircraft engines and airframes

  • Space Launcher
    Nuri Launch Vehicle

  • Unmanned Air Vehicle
    UAV engine

Main products

Aircraft engineairframe parts
Aircraft engine parts including Turbine, HPT, Compressor, Outer, CRIC, Drain & Connector Apex,airframe parts including Wing Rib & Frame of B787, B767, KUH, KT-1 & A-10

Main products of TCT

  • Fan Blisk #1
  • Fan Blisk #2
  • Engine Case
  • Split Case
  • Engine Case
  • Airframe part
  • Airframe part

Space launcher engine parts
75ton, 7ton Turbo Pump parts ( Volute Casing, Volute Scroll, Inlet Branch, Turbine Oulet, Gimbal Mount etc)

Main products of TCT

  • Volute Casing
  • Impeller
  • Turbo Pump
  • Volute Turbine Casing
  • Turbine Outlet

UAV parts
Blisk, Segment, Stator : core parts of turbine engines

Main products of TCT

  • Diffuser HPC Stator
  • Segment

Main Customers

  • Hanwha Aerospace
  • End User
    The world's top three aircraft engine manufacturers - GEA (General Electric Aviation), P&W (Pratt & Whitney), Rolls-Royce
    Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)
    Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

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