Manufacturing technology of ultra-precision engine parts for aerospace & defense sectors

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글로벌 최고수준의 기술력으로 새로움에 도전하는 기업

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  • Aerospace Business

    Develop and produce aircraft engine parts for GEA/P&W/Rolls-Royce
    B787 / B767 / KUH / KF-X / KT-1 / A-10 Develop and produce airframe parts
    Develop and produce Naro/Nuri space launcher turbine engine parts
    Develop and produce core parts for military/civilian UAV engines

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    [Photographic source] ★1Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)

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  • Defense business

    Develop APU for KF-X / KUH / K77 / LSF
    Localization of missile engine parts and core parts for army, navy & air force equipment
    Perform and participate in system projects (APU & ECS)
    Participate in civil/military technology development programs

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    [Photographic source] ★1 Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)

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  • Turbomachinery Business

    Core parts of turbomachinery such as turbo compressor, turbo blower, turbo chiller, etc.
    Impeller,Diffuser,Blade & Blisks for turbo compressor
    Impeller & Rotor parts for turbocharger (civil/military)
    Propeller and other propellent parts for high-speed ships
    Precision processing of parts for propulsion engines and turbomachinery

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    [Photographic source] ★1 Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

  • Future Strategic Business

    Hydrogen fuel cell and air blower business
    Pump jet and water jet business

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