Manufacturing technology of ultra-precision engine parts for aerospace & defense sectors

Future Strategic Business

글로벌 최고수준의 기술력으로 새로움에 도전하는 기업

We are preparing for a new third growth and leap forward through R&D and investment in future strategic business including ‘hydrogen fuel cell and air blower manufacturing business, using eco-friendly energy source H2, and ’development of pump jet and water jet” used for civil/military ships and marine systems.

Hydrogen fuel cell and air blower business

  • Entering hydrogen industry through R&D on core technologies in the mobility & energy sectors and manufacturing of parts with the activation of hydrogen economy
  • Manufacture of core parts such as reformers and assemble fuel cells for homes and buildings
  • Development and manufacture of air blowers for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)

Pump jet and water jet business

  • JET engine system that is installed under the ship and at the bottom and stern to lift and propel the ship, and is applied to jet boats, floating bridges, and ships.
  • Based on the pump jet development technology, TCT is to enter defense & civil marine engine field

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